The Father of Waters Pipes and Drums is a non-profit organization composed completely of volunteer members. All the pipers and drummers in the band give their free time to keep the band going, and they also give much of their own funds for uniform items, instruments and travel expenses.

We are always looking for means by which to better ourselves as musicians and ambassadors for our great state. We hope to grow in numbers and gain experience in the next several years. And as the band and its needs grow, we hope that the people around us will be able to help us in our pursuit of the Highland musical arts in the Deep South, so that we might be known as a group that brings dignity and musical enjoyment to everyone in Mississippi.

As a means of supporting ourselves, we are able to play engagements for hire as long as all the proceeds are put toward the band and the furthering of its cause. In this way our earnings are used to benefit the teaching and propogating of the Scottish musical arts in Mississippi. We are also able to receive support and sponsorship from individuals or groups who so choose to donate it.

Sponsorship of the Father of Waters Pipes and Drums is open to all and is tax deductable, since our organization has a 501(c)3 tax status.

If you or your organization are interested in supporting the Father of Waters Pipes and Drums, please contact us. One of the best ways you can support us is to hire us. This way you can have the unique sounds of a Scottish pipe band at your event, and we can spread the word about our group.

For info on hiring the band or a piper go here.

For more on how you can support us, contact our Pipe Major Zoe Brumfield forestpiper@bellsouth.net - (601) 469-7406, or our Business Manager, J.B. Griffith jb@thegriffiths.net - (601) 480-7225.

FOWPAD sponsors:
Mississippi Fallen Firefighters


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