Bagpipe Lore

The drums in a Highland band make the music come alive. They give the pipers a pulse, a heartbeat, energy, which the music simply doesn't have without them.

The Highland style of drumming is different than other marching styles. Not only is it very precise and military, it is high tension, and intricate with numerous rolls and an energetic "popcorn" sound. The drummng is also what gives the band dynamics, since bagpipes are not capable of playing louder or softer. The drummers are responsible for much of the feeling in the tunes, as well as the flourish. The motion of twirling tenor and bass drumsticks adds to the excitement and the overall visual, as well as musical, presentation.

The Father of Waters Pipes and drums is always seeking Highland drumming experience and expertise. Such things are few and far between in our part of the world. For more info on Highland drumming, see the drumming links below. If you have expereince and would like to join our drum corp, see what it takes to join the band

Highland Drumming Links coming soon.


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